I've taken a guided tour. Do I still need the Intro to Kayak class?

Guided tours are great because they introduce the paddler to the many opportunities available to them in a kayak. Some guides do a great job of teaching, especially multi-day tours, where emdurance and efficiency are essential. However, most guided tours teach only what is necessary to be safe that day. For example, they may explain how to do a "wet-exit", but may not teach the steps or go through the motions with you to build your confidence. Rescues may be performed as needed, but generally are not taught. Similarly, strokes and safety concepts are discussed in broad terms to help you have a fun and safe experience.   At New Mexico Kayak Instruction, we want you to get the most from your lesson with us. If we know you've been on a guided tour in the past, or taken another instructor's "Intro" course, we'll challenge you in more advanced ways, building on your existing foundation and fine-tuning your technique so you're moving your boat safely, confidently and effortlessly across the water.