Rio Grande Bosque Kayak Tours

"Bosque" is Spanish for forest. It's hard to imagine a forest in the middle of the Desert Southwest, but this urban forest is one of the largest in the world, extending nearly 200 miles through central New Mexico.  It's also hard to imagine the oasis that flows through it.  That's what makes kayak tours through the heart of Albuquerque so unique. 

Our Guided Rio Grande Bosque Kayak Tours will take you back in time, beginning nearly 2,000,000 years ago when the Rio Grande as we know it began to take shape, and continuing through the arrival of the first human inhabitants nearly 11,000 years ago, the Spaniards in the 1500s, through the most recent devistating flood of 1941, and subsequent flood control measures that have impacted the riparian habitat and landscape of Central New Mexico. 

From the New Mexico Museum of Natural History:

"Survival of the bosque also requires an active effort by the citizens of the valley. This means we must educate ourselves and others as to the complexity and importance of this unique ecosystem and understand how our daily habits can affect it. It means making the needed changes in our lives to reduce our impact and produce positive effects. Most importantly, it means gaining a greater sense of connection with the bosque such that we will be willing to work for its survival."

"Adventures on the Water Begin Here!" is more than just a slogan. It's the beginning of a life-long love, respect and preservation of water and our most valuable natural resource.  Come join us on this adventure, and begin a new way of thinking about the Rio Grande.

Rio Grande Bosque Kayak Tours

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