Sponge Bob Tag

Sponge Bob Tag is a very popular game among kids and adults.  It's a fun cross between hot-potato and basketball.  The objective is to toss a sponge into the cockpit of a friends boat.  If it goes in, the offender scores a point.  But, like hot-potato, the defender has to toss the sponge as quickly as possible.  The game starts off simply enough, but introduce 3, 4, 6 or 8 more sponges, and the game can become pretty intense!

This game is usually introduced pretty early in the class, after kids are comfortable flipping over, and before introducing the paddle.  By hand-paddling, the kids are soon focused on playing the game, and forget about kayaking.  It allows them to interact with the kayak and water in a fun way, and start to anticipate how the boat will handle. For persons with disabilities, it's a simple exercise in eye/hand coordination and balance.