Duct Tape Tag

Duct Tape Tag is a fun exercise in boat control.  A ribbon of duct tape (6" x 1") is stuck to the bow and stern of each boat. The objective is to steal as many pieces of tape as possible.  The person who collects the most pieces of tape wins the game.  However, there are a few rules:

  1. No person can grab onto of any other person's boat in order to steal their tape.  This "foul" is an immediate disqualification, and the defender (the person who is fouled) gets the offender's tape.
  2. Once both pieces of tape are stolen from the bow and stern of a defender's boat, the defender can no longer pursue another person's boat.  They're not disqualified, but the game is over for them. 
  3. If a person flips over during the game, they are in "time out" until they can drain and reenter their boat. Their tape cannot be stolen.
  4. Once all pieces of tape are stolen, each person counts the pieces of tape they have in-hand, and the person who collects the most pieces of tape wins the game.

This game can be played with or without paddles, depending on the age and development of each paddler. 

Duct Tape Tag challenges the kids to move with speed and precision, to turn and accelerate quickly and to remain on-balance.  Pursuing (or outrunning) another paddler gives the kids a new objective and allows them to learn by doing.