Learn to Kayak

Learning to Kayak is more than how to successfully barrel down the river and live to tell your favorite near-death experience to your most frightened friends and coworkers.  No one wants to hear about how you almost died.  If they do, suggest they read Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection instead and save face.

Learning to Kayak is learning basic skills you need to progress safely, confidently and in control at each step along the way.  It's learning all the lingo you need to talk intellegently to me, your spouse, coworker, guide or instructor across the country and convincing them you know what the heck you're talking about.  "Hey yall, watch this! ..." is not an acceptable form of intellegent communication. 

Learning to Kayak is about developing 'River Sense' - which is closely related to 'Street Smarts.'  It's an innate understanding of your surroundings, your crew, the weather, the changing character of the river, and always expecting the best, but prepared for the worst.  It's knowing what's going on around the bend (or around the block), even though you can't see what's around the corner!  It's knowing who's having a bad-day and giving your best to help those in need because we're all part of the same team.

Learning to Kayak is about learning a thing or two about yourself.  It's about mastering a skill, through methodical and deliberate training, to do things you didn't think were possible. It's knowing you have class IV skills, and can make a class IV move, even if you've never done it before.....or knowing you have class III skills and should portage this one to keep yourself safe and not risking your crew's safety when they have to perform your rescue.

Learning to Kayak is about becoming an asset to the community you paddle with...not a liability, and it all starts now!

Learning to Kayak is a recipe for life-long enjoyment.  In the waterway of your choice, mix 1-part Instruction (which you'll find on our Calendar of Events), with 1-part Education (which you'll find on the pages that follow), with 1-part good judgement (sorry, can't help you there), and a coach who can effectively raise your skills to the next level, regardless of where you're starting.  Learning to Kayak is an evolving process that start right here with your commitment to learning and my dedication to teaching!