Whitewater Kayak Instruction

New Mexico Kayak Instruction

Whether you're new to whitewater kayaking, or enjoying your second, third or fourth season, New Mexico Kayak Instruction can help you progress from novice to expert in the shortest time possible.

Our modular teaching style allows you to pick and chose the classes that fit your schedule and progress at your own pace. We recommend starting at the The Intro to Kayak clinic for a solid foundation, and mastery of the basic skills in flatwater. The Kayak Roll is a great next step, although not a requirement for the Intro to Whitewater. Each class builds on the foundation and introduces new sets of skills in more challenging conditions.

Classes are taught in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos and various locations throughout New Mexico and Colorado.

Upcoming Whitewater Clinics

Currently there are no Intro to Kayaking clinics scheduled. Please see our Calendar of Events for upcoming Intro, Roll, Whitewater and Touring clinics, or Contact Us for a private lesson.