(Level 2) Essentials of River Kayaking

Coronado Campground
106 Monument Drive
Bernalillo, NM, 87004
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Coronado Campground is at the Northwest corner of Hwy 550 and the Rio Grande river in Bernalillo, NM, just 15 minutes north of Albuquerque. From I-25, take the 242 exit and drive West on Hwy 550, approximately 1.7 miles. Just after Hwy 550 crosses the Rio Grande, turn north into the Coronado Monument entrance. Coronado Campground will be on the right, just before you enter the Coronado Monument property.
Start Time: 
Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 3:00pm - 7:00pm

In the Introduction to Kayaking (Level 1) course, you learned the essential skills necessary to paddle effortlessly and efficiently on flat water. This includes simple rescues for the most common accidents and how to help others who may be in need, strokes and concepts that will move your kayak 2 - 3 times it's length with every stroke and the one bad-habit that most self-taught paddlers have, that costs more than 90% of their energy.  This common mistake makes paddling on any type of water much harder than it needs to be, regardless of the type of kayak or fitness of the individual. 

Essentials of Recreational Kayaking (level 2) picks up where the Introduction to Kayaking (level 1) leaves off.  On this 4 mile Rio Grande Bosque river trip, we'll build on the strokes you learned in the pool and apply them to gentle moving water.  Once the basic strokes are mastered on moving water, we'll learn how to combine strokes for effective maneuvers in mild current.  We'll discuss four hazards common to most river trips, including class I, how to spot them and what strokes or maneuvers work best to avoid them.   You'll practice the strokes that make your boat glide across the water.  You'll also learn how to read the river like a book and easily spot the energy that can help you move downriver faster, sideways across the current, or upstream against the current.

The Rio Grande Bosque in Albuquerque, New Mexico from Brent Hall on Vimeo.


Introduction to Kayaking (level 1)or "Level 1 Assessment" from another ACA certified instructor.

Succeeding courses: 
The Kayak Roll (level 2)
2-day Whitewater Weekend (level 3)
2-day Coastal Kayaking on Inland Waters (level 3)

Meet the Instructors:
Our instructors are our greatest assets. Each of our instructors are certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA). Founded in 1880, and funded largely by the US Coast Guard, the ACA is a nation-wide not for profit organization whose role is to make paddling education and instruction standardized and more accessible to the public.  Our instructors are certified to the highest levels, up to and including:

Level 2 Stand Up Paddling (or SUP'ing) Instructor
Level 4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor
Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor
Level 4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor-Trainer
Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor-Trainer
Level 4 Whitewater Paddle Raft Instructor-Trainer
Level 5 Advanced Swift Water Rescue Instructor

Instructors who work with kids are required to pass the same background and fingerprinting checks as required by Albuquerque Public Schools.

Our instructors are also leaders in their communities, and in their professions. 

View Instructor Credentials here

Our Guarantee:
You'll learn more in this 4-hour class than most people would learn in several seasons of informal training.  We're so confident your skills will increase, that we'll guarantee it!  If you don't feel more confident, more in control and more excited about paddling, we'll donate your course fees to your favorite charity, in your name!

$85.00 Before Tax

Payment in full is due within 24 hours of registration.  No spot is reserved until full payment is received.


Your payment is a reservation for an event with limited capacity.  Cancellations or rescheduling request 4 or more days before the scheduled event are entitled to receive a refund, less a $25 cancellation fee.  We're sorry, but cancellations or no-shows within 3 days of the event are non-refundable, and non-transferrable. 

I took the Intro to Kayaking (level 1) class and it was GREAT. I'd actually done a lot of different types of kayaking (touring, sea, whitewater), but had never gotten any formal instruction. Wow, what a difference a few hours makes. I learned a lot of technique that I had been lacking. Kelly is a great instructor and I was impressed with how efficiently the class was put together. He is passionate about enabling people to participate in the sport that he loves. Definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in learning to kayak!
Tracy Davis  -  experienced kayaker
This is without a doubt the best outdoor class I have ever taken. Kelly and his team are totally skilled as teachers. I plan to sign up for every class I can with this team. My enjoyment and skill level immediately improved after one day. I didn't realize I was using body memory from paddling a canoe many years ago that were not good practice with a kayak. Take these classes! They're a great return on investment and a whole lot of fun besides!--Kate O'Neill, 54yo teacher
Kate O'Neil  -  Teacher / UNM Taos
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