Open Boating

Start Time: 
Wednesday, February 4, 2009 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Open boating is a time to practice your roll, refine your paddling technique, meet other kayakers, or simply learn more about kayaking.

Formal kayak lessons are not offered at this time. However, if you just want to try it out kayaking for the first time, basic instruction will be offered to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.


$4.00 Before Tax

Pool rental - $8; This fee applies to everyone who paddles.

Boat & Gear - $5; This fee applies only if you request a boat and gear.  Please note your height & weight in your RSVP, so I know what size boat to bring.

Kayak Demo - $15; This fee applies if you request a specific boat.  Please note the boat you want to demo in your RSVP.

Private Lessons - $75; 2-hr Private "Intro to Kayak" or "Kayak Roll" Lessons are available with advanced notice.  Pool and gear rental fees are waived for private lessons. Private lessons may include up to 2 individuals covering the same content.

Why RSVPs are so important....
The pools are expensive to rent, and this time New Mexico Kayak Instruction covers the pool rental as a community service to local paddlers. RSVPs are needed to ensure we have a minimum number of people to cover the pool rental fees, and to limit enrollment so that the pool does not become over-crowded. Also, by RSVP'ing, we are able to communicate via email about last-minute changes, which often include cancellation due to lightening, or other pool closures.

  • If you RSVP for yourself and/or a guest (ie - you reserve a spot), and no-show, you will receive a Pay-Pal request for the pool rental fee ($8); this balance must be paid in full before your RSVP will be accepted for the next pool party
  • If you request a boat and/or any gear, and cancel after the gear has been loaded (typically 3hrs in advance), you will receive a Pay-Pal request for the gear ($5); this balance must be paid in full before your RSVP will be accepted for the next pool party
  • If you show up and have not RSVP'd, (ie -you have not reserved a spot), you may be asked to return another time if the maximum number of paddlers has been reached (typically 30) at Los Altos Pool. If there is additional space, or someone has no-showed, you'll be admitted after 8:15.

Please RSVP, and keep it current.

I am impressed with organization and professionalism of Kelly's operation.  The teaching methods are good and are reassuring to the extent they convey that the ability to kayak is within the reach for just about anybody (including not-so-young people like me!)

Betsy Glenn
Kelly is a great instructor. He starts with the basics and keeps building on from there. We started in a pool of calm water on the river, as we became comfortable with that we moved closer to the moving water, then into the main current working on peel outs, ferrying and edging, then down the Rio Grande. The second day starts by talking about the first day then on to paddle placement and timing in different aspects of the river. Back on the river we fine tuned our peel outs, ferrying, edging and worked on paddle placement as we go into and through the rapids. I could not belive my improvement from day one to day two! I highly recommed this class if you want to feel comfortable with negotiating class II and III rapids. You may not end up an expert but will have the tools to become one.
Mark Nissen


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