Advanced Whitewater

A new glimpse into the film, this trailer features Doug Ammons, as well as a magical ride from Fred Norquist. For more see

WildWater Yule Creek Teaser from Forge Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

“Play-boating is arguably the best and fastest way to become stronger, more confident, more flexible and more comfortable paddler. I like to think of play-boating like visiting the gym; we workout at the gym to become stronger and faster in order to be better prepared for the field, mountain or trail. Play-boating works in much the same way.  Explosive bursts of efficient and athletic paddling, equals better control, which equals more fun. Yes Fun, the reason we are all out here in the first place.”   Marcel Bieg - ACA Level IV Whitewater Kayak Instructor Trainer & sponsored athlete

My learning curve has been exponential. I never imagined I would learn this much, so fast!

Chuck Washington
Resident MD, UNMH
Albuquerque, NM
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Advanced Whitewater

If the recent cold-front's got you Jonesin' for some tropical kayaking, the come with us to Mexcio. Some of the best whitewater in the Western hemisphere is just a few hours South of San Antonio, TX.

You've probably heard me talking about these trips in my Intro to Kayak and Intro to Whitewater clinics.  You may have even seen some photos or YouTube clips from last year's trips.  If you haven't seen the photos yet, check out this gallery!

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