Glossary terms

Scoutsearch for term
To examine a rapid or hazard from shore
Secondsearch for term
As it pertains to navigation, 1/60 of a minute
Semi-diurnal tidesearch for term
Two high water levels and two low water levels occur in approximately 24 hours
Setsearch for term
The direction in which a current flows
Spring tidesearch for term
A tide that has the greatest difference between high and low tides (range of tide). It occurs during the full and new moons, when the sun, moon and Earth are aligned.
Starboardsearch for term
The right side of a boat when looking forward
Statute milesearch for term
A measure of distance used on land. 5,280 feet or 0.87 nautical mile
Sternsearch for term
The rear of a boat
strainersearch for term
Brush, fallen trees, bridge pilings or anything else that allows the current to flow through but pins boats, boaters and other solid debris. Synonyms: Sweeper