Rio Tampaon

Mexican Whitewater

Latitude: 22.097683
Longitude: -99.138983

These GPS coordinates take you to the Huasteca Campground; our basecamp. For fun, go to Google Earth or Google Maps and enter these coordinates. Switch to Satellite view, and zoom in as close as you can. You'll see our campground, with the circle-drive. Pan over to the river then up stream (North/Northwest). First, you'll see the series of rapids on the Lower Micos. Then you'll get to the village of Pogo-Pogo (which may not be marked on Google). This is the base of the Upper Micos. Continue panning up-river and you'll see each of the 6 cascades of the Upper Micos.

My learning curve has been exponential. I never imagined I would learn this much, so fast!

Chuck Washington  -  Resident MD, UNMH
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