Glossary terms

Back Facesearch for term
The opposite side of the paddle blade from the power face, used for reverse strokes. Usually convex, with the spine along it's center. Synonyms: Non-power face
Bearingsearch for term
The direction of an object, expressed either as a true bearing or magnetic bearing, as shown on the chart or as a bearing relative to the heading of the boat
Bilge Pumpsearch for term
A device for pumping water out of a boat
Bowsearch for term
The forward-most part of a boat
Bowlinesearch for term
A chord attached to the front of the boat; useful for towing or tying the boat to a dock.
Bulkheadsearch for term
For Sea Kayaks, this is a waterproof wall that divides the interior of a kayak from the bow and/or stern, creating flotation, storage areas and strength to the hull. For Whitewater Kayaks, the bulkhead runs length-wise down the center of the kayak, creating minimal flotation and adding strength to the hull.
Bungee cordssearch for term
Elastic lines on the deck of a kayak, perfect for securing gear within easy reach (water bottles, sunscreen, ball cap, etc). Used mostly on touring kayaks, fishing kayaks and recreational kayaks. Rarely, if ever, used on whitewater kayaks. See also: Deck lines Synonyms: Deck lines, Perimeter lines
Buoysearch for term
An anchored float used for marking a position on the water, a hazard or a shoal, also used for mooring.