Rio Grande

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Hey gang welcome back! New Mexico Kayak Instruction is excited to share some information about our upcoming classes, which include 6 FREE hours of classroom lecture!

The River is on the Rise!

Watch the gauge on the Racecourse. The Rio Grande often rises a few hundred cfs in October (usually earlier than this though), so it wouldn't surprise me of the Racecourse got up to 500-1000 cfs over the next few days.  Get out and paddle, if you can. It's like paddling a different river with every increase of 100cfs.

Upper Rio Grand; Upper Box

State Park

Notice the lag between the two.

If the Racecourse is still a bit intimidating, the State Park is runable again above 450cfs.  The State Park doesn't change too much with increases in flow. It's still almost always class I, with Gauging Station a Class II...very predictable.

Happy paddling!

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