Whitewater Kayaking

Breaking Down Risk

Breaking Down Risk

Breaking down risk and its application to whitewater kayaking helps determine success or failure while on the river.  Whether you are new to whitewater or a seasoned veteran, we all deal with fear and anxiety while on the water. When we look at most new kayakers they tend to lack self-confidence, as our skill level increases our self-confidence increases. Until β€œit” happens, that swim in a hole or long set of rapids; or taking a hard hit under water.

New Mexico Kayak Instruction Upcoming Classes

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Hey gang welcome back! New Mexico Kayak Instruction is excited to share some information about our upcoming classes, which include 6 FREE hours of classroom lecture!

Swiftwater Rescue (Level 4):  Are you an avid rafter or kayaker, who's learned the basics of river running, and wanting to become more of an asset to those you paddle with?  Have you ever wondered what your role would be if you came upon the scene of a pinned raft, stranded paddler or someone who's life may be threatened?  Do you rely on the experrience of others to decide what to do in an emergency?   You need not be an experienced paddler to help in the event of an emergency, but you should know the roles that need to be filled and have a basic understanding of how to lend a hand without becoming another vicitm.

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