Glossary terms

Decksearch for term
The top of a kayak.
Deck linessearch for term
A rope or shock-cord attached to a kayak's deck, used for securing items on deck or to make it easier to grab the boat. See also: Bungee cords Synonyms: Bungee cords, Perimeter lines
Defensive swimmingsearch for term
Passively swimming on your back, keeping as flat and shallow as possible, with your feet downstream, and on the surface of the water, to push off of rocks and other obstructions, while avoiding foot-entrapment or entanglement.
Diurnal tidesearch for term
One high water level and one low water level occur in approximately 24 hours
Downstreamsearch for term
The direction in which the water is flowing.
Drain plugsearch for term
A stopper, usually mounted on the stern, which can be removed to drain water from a leaky kayak.
Draw Strokessearch for term
Dynamic strokes designed to move the kayak laterally in the water.
Drift fishingsearch for term
A fishing technique that involves letting the wind or current move the kayak over the area to be fished.
Dropsearch for term
An abrupt descent in a river