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Hey gang welcome back! New Mexico Kayak Instruction is excited to share some information about our upcoming classes, which include 6 FREE hours of classroom lecture!

In our first free class Kayak 101, you will learn about what type of kayak fits you and your style, from crossover recreation kayaks to a whitewater creeker, or a sea kayak. We will cover the differences between the three, and the paddle gear that is required to use them safely.

Follow the link below to see more.

In our second free class, Kayak 201, we will cover the kayak roll. Join us as we break down the common myths, common faults, and why the kayak roll is your first step at self rescue. Follow the link below to see more.

Kayak 301 is our last free class. In this class you will learn about breaking down the river and its common features. This class covers common features from eddies to hydraulics or holes, and how to tell them apart.  We will teach you how to observe, orient, decide, and act (OODA Loop), which is the most productive way to stay in the game and in control while on the river. Follow the link to learn see more.

If these FREE classe sound interesting, follow the links and see if the scheduled times fit in your busy schedule. Or contact us for more information.

Spring is here in New Mexico, I know the calendar does not quite reflect it yet, but March is just around the corner. The temperatures have been nice for melting the low elevation snow and making the rivers and creeks rise. Now is the time to start thinking about bringing your paddle game up a notch. New Mexico Kayak Instruction is here to help, and with three levels of on water instruction.

Level 1 is our Introduction to Kayaking Class. This is designed for the beginner or someone who is just getting into the sport. During this class we will teach you about the different strokes and concepts to safely propel you and your kayak in any Class I or Class II river or large body of water. We will equip you with the knowledge to self rescue and introduce you to the kayak roll. Follow the link below for class time and cost.

Level 2 is a two part class it covers our Kayak Roll Class, and The Essentials of Recreational Kayaking. In the Kayak Roll class we will teach you to crawl, walk and then run, as the saying goes. We will cover the foundations to learning the kayak roll, proper setup, and execution.  Furthermore you will leave with a knowledge and basic skills of the common roll, back deck roll, hand roll.  Learning the kayak roll is a necessary component to add to you quiver of paddling skills.

During the Essentials of Recreational Kayaking we will take our paddling to the Rio Grande Bosque section which is a 4 mile kayak trip! Here we will put our knowledge of paddling strokes to work while we navigate the Rio Grande. We will expand your knowledge of reading the river currents, hazards, and features that make up this run.

The Kayak Roll

The Essentials of Recreational Kayaking

Level 3 Whitewater Made Easy, is a 2 day class, where we will again expand on our knowledge gained from our Level 1 and Level 2 classes. We will spend two days on the Rio Grande near Taos, expanding our knowledge of reading the river, breaking the rapids down, and learning the basics of group dynamics and leadership. We will also introduce you to using the river features for play, like surfing waves and hydraulics.  This section of the river will be action packed  and your first taste of the fun that kayaking whitewater can bring to your inner soul! This class is one of our most popular offerings and the slots fill fast, follow the link and reserve your space today!

Lastly, starting April 6, 2016 and every Wednesday following through September, we will offer a class at Sandia Lakes, to practice your skills gained in Level 1-3.

This is just a taste of our current programs and class selections. If you are interested in learning more contact us today. If learning in a group environment intimidates you,  contact us and inquire about private instruction.  


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Upcoming Kayak Instruction Classes

Currently there are no Intro to Kayaking clinics scheduled. Please see our Calendar of Events for upcoming Intro, Roll, Whitewater and Touring clinics, or Contact Us for a private lesson.
Currently there are no Kayak Roll clinics scheduled. Please see our Calendar of Events for upcoming Intro, Roll, Whitewater and Touring clinics, or Contact Us for a private lesson.
Title Date City Name
(Level 3) Whitewater Kayaking Made Easy Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 9:00am - Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 5:00pm Pilar Pilar Yacht Club
Currently there are no Advanced Whitewater clinics scheduled. Please see our Calendar of Events for upcoming Intro, Roll, Whitewater and Touring clinics, or Contact Us for a private lesson.
Title Date City Name
"Open House" Kayak & SUP Fun, Games and Practice Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm Bernalillo Sandia Lakes Recreation Area